What Karin's clients say

Children's Sessions

My 6 year old son and I have had 3 sessions with Karin over Skype. I have noticed a real difference in his hearing and his behaviour. And he is now more cooperative and more calm. As a mum I knew that something wasn’t quite right but didn’t know how to address it. Karin has supported me to clear beliefs in myself that were being reflected in my son and his behaviour. It is just amazing realising that he is a mirror of me and that when I change me, my son changes too. I feel blessed to have a practitioner to guide our healing. Karin is very professional and helpful and put both my son and I at ease, even though it was on Skype.”

“My 7 year old son has really struggled at school. He was fidgety; didn’t concentrate; got frustrated; off the wall behaviour; and was challenged forming friendships. We have been to psychologists, speech pathologists, behaviour optometrists and more. After only 3 sessions with Karin he has experienced some amazing breakthroughs. After the first session the teachers were saying he has had his best week ever. He now regularly receives this type of feedback from his teachers “He had the best day he has ever had with concentration; and there is a noticeable difference in his behaviour.” It has also been a delight to see how my son has embraced the processes Karin has taught him. And he himself is implementing the strategies often without my prompting. Karin really ‘gets’ children and has been spot on every time. I am very grateful.”

“I visited Karin, over a year go, about my daughters eczema, asthma and emotional state. On all three fronts Ellie is now stronger, healthier and happier than she was before I worked with Karin. Ellie’s asthma and breathlessness have noticeably improved. And her eczema, which was so bad she could hardly walk or sleep at night, has disappeared.”

Lifeline Sessions with Karin

"I was overwhelmed and looking at how to better help my 2 teenage sons manage their lives, one with severe anxiety and the other with severe depression. After hospitalisation and months off school we had tried so many things to get the family back on an even keel. I did not know where to next. A fortuitous booking at a Chemical Free Living workshop lead me to Karin Amali. Karin helped me, and both my sons, navigate positive paths forward and to appreciate our sensitivities.  Karin's calm and positive guidance and The Lifeline Techniques have turned our lives around. I cannot believe how much our lives have changed since working with Karin."

“When I started seeing Karin I was not in a good place. I was stressed, uptight, anxious and overwhelmed with the kids. And I lacked self confidence and was unable to work or study. I had also been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for which I was receiving weekly support.  The Lifeline Sessions have had a huge impact on my personal and family life. I now feel much happier and more positive. My relating with my family has improved; I can now talk about the difficult things without reacting. I have started to study and work again. And the psychologist who I have been seeing for PTSD asked me, after the 2nd session, what I was doing as she noticed a dramatic change.” 

“My partner and I were having relationship difficulties, I was stressed, anxious, jealous and struggling to parent effectively. After my 3 LifeLine sessions with Karin I feel able to think before I speak, recognise my triggers, I can calm myself with the techniques, I have been able to ride out the relationship difficulties by giving space and time to my partner rather than stirring up conflict constantly and I seemed to have (so far) kicked my alcohol addiction.” 

"For many years I had trouble falling back to sleep after waking through the night. Several times a week I would get only 4-5 hrs of sleep per night. It was hard getting through each day. After trying Chinese herbalists, naturopaths, eliminating some foods, and 7 day green smoothie cleanses, while some things did help some of the time, I still had sleep issues. In my first session Karin explained about The Lifeline Technique. I have had by far the most success with this technique and getting to the bottom of my issues. Some were food related and some were in my subconscious. After a few sessions I was consistently sleeping 8 hrs. If I do eat the wrong foods for a couple of days, like over Christmas, it does affect me. However one day of eating the right foods has me back sleeping through the night. I am so pleased to have my energy and my life back. What a difference it has made. I would definitely recommend The Lifeline Technique to others. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

“My whole family has experienced The Lifeline Technique with Karin, and we all had positive experiences. Even my husband who is generally a little wary of releasing techniques, of opening up and letting the emotions out. After my session I feel lighter and happier and more acceptant of life as it is. More tolerant of others and open to their needs. Strangely enough, more productive creatively as well. I would definitely recommend a Lifeline to my friends.”

“I love my sessions with Karin, because not only do I feel I can use the time to work through any current stresses in my life, Karin’s wisdom, experience and marvellous sense of energy make her a brilliant life coach. I have seen improvements in both professional and family relationships, and most importantly I always leave Karin with practical life tools, feeling stronger and more compassionate towards myself and others. We all need that helping hand, I’d recommend her to anyone”.

For 3 weeks I experienced extreme tiredness, low energy and a heavy neck. I was having up to 3 sleeps a day – and functioning for only 4 hours a day . I was so worried I went to a Doctor who gave me blood tests & an ECG, & also a Practitioner. I had a LifeLine Session with Karin and am feeling so much better, thank you!! No more heavy neck and have much more energy – amazing!! Yesterday I was able to go to the movies and today to the shops. Thank you!!”

“I had three LifeLine sessions with Karin and began to feel better both physically and mentally instantly. I could swear that I noticed an improvement in my face that night. My skin is now virtually back to its normal state. I would recommend Karin without hesitation to anybody who thinks they could benefit from the LifeLine Technique. I know that I did. Thank you Karin, I will always remember you.”

“Sometimes you come up against ‘stuff’ in your life that no matter how much you think about it or try to change your opinion it’s just stuck. Might be work, relationship, family, health – anything really. Well, that’s when my inner voice often says ‘go see Karin for a Lifeline’. What I love about this system is it incorporates a whole lot of modalities and ‘tools’ into one. I love the smells of the oils, I love the sounds as well as the visuals and insights, what I love the most is that it works and clears a whole lot of ‘stuff’ in the session and amazingly ‘stuff’ I had no idea was even there!!”

“Someone I can thoroughly recommend is Karin de Vos at Avalon.  She’s a Lifeline Practitioner (not the sos call line for those needing to talk to someone in the wee hours!) The Lifeline technique includes several different modalities and helps build a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious.  Sessions are incredible.”

I felt stuck and at a complete loss as to how to resolve this impasse in my relationship.  Lifeline with Karin (and the homework) has opened up the space between us again and the impasse has literally vanished!”

Coaching with Karin

“When I met Karin for the first time her warmth and kind smile made me feel nurtured and safe. She truly understands how challenging and frustrating it can be to be a parent because she has experienced similar problems and emotions; she knows how it feels. Her advice not only comes with compassion but with practical tools that are demonstrated in a clear and concise way that you can take home and put to use immediately. Thanks to Karin’s teachings some sanity and harmony has come back to my family yet most of all she opens the way for you to connect with that part of yourself that already knows.” 

“When we arrived to work with Karin I knew immediately we were in the right place. The agility and lightness to which she worked with all the kids and myself was so creative and dynamic. She was able to creatively put together a step by step interactive program that brought real experiential exercises that helped the kids absorb the teachings quite fully so they have no choice but to get the message; shift through things with positive change and deep understanding.   The week after our visit I have seen a remarkable change in the kids motivation. We are so grateful – great great work Karin. Thank you very much.” 

“Before coming to Karin my career was hard work and a struggle.  I experienced the feeling of “this is what I have to do to help the world.”  Now I am having so much fun.  I am having the best time creating with passion. Karin allowed me to be in the space where I was, not making it wrong.  Using my talents she helped me move from my child like terror into understanding a new way of marketing, and a new way of expressing myself.  Everything changed.  I moved from my smallest self into appreciation of what was around me, how to attract more work, more abundance, and enjoyment in my chosen career – with passion.  After working with Karin I find I can appreciate the gifts that god has given me in the fullest way.  Enlightening!” 

“Today I left the nest and now am soaring over a landscape of future, unlimited possibilities.  And I express my deepest and most heartfelt thanks to Karin for facilitating this journey.  Now I have left my old place of shame; of self-doubt; of poverty; and I know I will never return there.  Through intuitive guidance and grounded, practical actions Karin has guided me, celebrated with me and witnessed within me the deep transformation in my life.  Now I continue to move forward, step by step, from a solid foundation of self-trust, abundance, clarity and connection. Together we uncovered limiting beliefs and developed strategies and plans to bring into creation my dreams. This experience for me is beyond business coaching.  It is in fact a partnership that embraces and enhances all aspects of who I am so that I can live the life I want. And I am !  Thank you Karin.”

“It was so good to connect with you Karin.  Where else can one first go within and find the true passion, the motivating force for one’s business, before even looking at the practical motions of a business meeting.  You are a great business woman with new energy for the new world and a wonderful personality that relaxes one straight away. Mind, body and spirit are treated equally and the outcome has to be successful.  Thank you for all you are doing.”

“You have stimulated my imagination and eased my frustrations whilst empowering me to bring to the surface the knowledge and experience I want to share with others. The weekly coaching sessions provided the right amount of support for me to realise my most important values – to make a difference and to believe in the potential of what I offer. Any negative beliefs were met with acceptance and specific actions to keep me on track and to gain momentum during the start up phase of my business. With gratitude.”

“During the time I worked with Karin the changes I noticed in myself and my business included increased clarity and focus in my vision and goal; increased confidence; de-cluttering of my home, my office and my environment; improvement in my personal organisation; attraction of new contacts and business opportunities and increased sense of purpose. Karin helped keep me on track, gave me a boost if I was down, a nudge or even a friendly kick up the butt if I needed it, and was a pillar of strength, wisdom and insight at all times. Thank you Karin, for believing in me and my gifts and for helping me bring them out and express them..I have truly enjoyed our connection and experience and know we will work together again.”