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“Sometimes you come up against ‘stuff’ in your life that no matter how much you think about it or try to change your opinion it’s just stuck. Might be work, relationship, family, health – anything really. Well, that’s when my inner voice often says ‘go see Karin for a Lifeline’. What I love about this system is it incorporates a whole lot of modalities and ‘tools’ into one. I love the smells of the oils, I love the sounds as well as the visuals and insights, what I love the most is that it works and clears a whole lot of ‘stuff’ in the session and amazingly ‘stuff’ I had no idea was even there!!”

“Someone I can thoroughly recommend is Karin Amali.  She’s a Lifeline Practitioner (not the sos call line for those needing to talk to someone in the wee hours!) The Lifeline technique includes several different modalities and helps build a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious.  Sessions are incredible.”

I felt stuck and at a complete loss as to how to resolve this impasse in my relationship.  Lifeline with Karin (and the homework) has opened up the space between us again and the impasse has literally vanished!”

“I visited Karin, over a year go, about my daughters eczema, asthma and emotional state. On all three fronts Ellie is now stronger, healthier and happier than she was before I worked with Karin. Ellie’s asthma and breathlessness have noticeably improved. And her eczema, which was so bad she could hardly walk or sleep at night, has disappeared.”

My 6 year old son and I have had 3 sessions with Karin over Skype. I have noticed a real difference in his hearing and his behaviour. And he is now more cooperative and more calm. As a mum I knew that something wasn’t quite right but didn’t know how to address it. Karin has supported me to clear beliefs in myself that were being reflected in my son and his behaviour. It is just amazing realising that he is a mirror of me and that when I change me, my son changes too. I feel blessed to have a practitioner to guide our healing. Karin is very professional and helpful and put both my son and I at ease, even though it was on Skype.”