Holistic Life Coaching

Certified Lifeline Technique Practitioner®

I'd love to support you, to create positive changes in your mind, emotional and physical health.

Right from a very early age we experience events and emotions that might lead to anxiety, stress or ill-health for years after. As we grow older these troubling responses to the original event can grow and have a greater impact – sometimes long after we have forgotten the original cause. And, if we have children, we might see that we way we are, is affecting them too, physically and emotionally.

I will work closely with you to identify and release these ‘blockages’ to happiness and health. No matter what your age, this is possible and the results for you and your family can be life-changing.

Using the world-recognised LifeLine Technique®, Life Coaching and other skills, I will guide you to the health and happiness you have been looking for – so that you can lead a more peaceful, joyful and healthful life.

In your session with me you will:

  • Reprogram the beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing health and happiness. It’s kind of like reprogramming and rebooting a computer.
  • Clearly understand what you want in life; and what you can do to achieve
  • Discover practical tools and ideas so that you have your own, personal ‘tool kit’ to draw on in everyday life.

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“When I started seeing Karin I was not in a good place. I was stressed, uptight, anxious and overwhelmed with the kids. And I lacked self confidence and was unable to work or study. I had also been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for which I was receiving weekly support.  The Lifeline Sessions have had a huge impact on my personal and family life. I now feel much happier and more positive. My relating with my family has improved; I can now talk about the difficult things without reacting. I have started to study and work again. And the psychologist who I have been seeing for PTSD asked me, after the 2nd session, what I was doing as she noticed a dramatic change.” 

“My partner and I were having relationship difficulties, I was stressed, anxious, jealous and struggling to parent effectively. After my 3 LifeLine sessions with Karin I feel able to think before I speak, recognise my triggers, I can calm myself with the techniques, I have been able to ride out the relationship difficulties by giving space and time to my partner rather than stirring up conflict constantly and I seemed to have (so far) kicked my alcohol addiction.” 

“My whole family has experienced The Lifeline Technique with Karin, and we all had positive experiences. Even my husband who is generally a little wary of releasing techniques, of opening up and letting the emotions out. After my session I feel lighter and happier and more acceptant of life as it is. More tolerant of others and open to their needs. Strangely enough, more productive creatively as well. I would definitely recommend a Lifeline to my friends.”

I love my sessions with Karin, because not only do I feel I can use the time to work through any current stresses in my life, Karin’s wisdom, experience and marvellous sense of energy make her a brilliant life coach. I have seen improvements in both professional and family relationships, and most importantly I always leave Karin with practical life tools, feeling stronger and more compassionate towards myself and others. We all need that helping hand, I’d recommend her to anyone”.

For 3 weeks I experienced extreme tiredness, low energy and a heavy neck. I was having up to 3 sleeps a day – and functioning for only 4 hours a day . I was so worried I went to a Doctor who gave me blood tests & an ECG, & also a Practitioner. I had a LifeLine Session with Karin and am feeling so much better, thank you!! No more heavy neck and have much more energy – amazing!! Yesterday I was able to go to the movies and today to the shops. Thank you!!”

“I had three LifeLine sessions with Karin and began to feel better both physically and mentally instantly. I could swear that I noticed an improvement in my face that night. My skin is now virtually back to its normal state. I would recommend Karin without hesitation to anybody who thinks they could benefit from the LifeLine Technique. I know that I did. Thank you Karin, I will always remember you.”

“My 7 year old son has really struggled at school. He was fidgety; didn’t concentrate; got frustrated; off the wall behaviour; and was challenged forming friendships. We have been to psychologists, speech pathologists, behaviour optometrists and more. After only 3 sessions with Karin he has experienced some amazing breakthroughs. After the first session the teachers were saying he has had his best week ever. He now regularly receives this type of feedback from his teachers “He had the best day he has ever had with concentration; and there is a noticeable difference in his behaviour.” It has also been a delight to see how my son has embraced the processes Karin has taught him. And he himself is implementing the strategies often without my prompting. Karin really ‘gets’ children and has been spot on every time. I am very grateful.”

More testimonials

“Sometimes you come up against ‘stuff’ in your life that no matter how much you think about it or try to change your opinion it’s just stuck. Might be work, relationship, family, health – anything really. Well, that’s when my inner voice often says ‘go see Karin for a Lifeline’. What I love about this system is it incorporates a whole lot of modalities and ‘tools’ into one. I love the smells of the oils, I love the sounds as well as the visuals and insights, what I love the most is that it works and clears a whole lot of ‘stuff’ in the session and amazingly ‘stuff’ I had no idea was even there!!”

“Someone I can thoroughly recommend is Karin Amali.  She’s a Lifeline Practitioner (not the sos call line for those needing to talk to someone in the wee hours!) The Lifeline technique includes several different modalities and helps build a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious.  Sessions are incredible.”

I felt stuck and at a complete loss as to how to resolve this impasse in my relationship.  Lifeline with Karin (and the homework) has opened up the space between us again and the impasse has literally vanished!”

“I visited Karin, over a year go, about my daughters eczema, asthma and emotional state. On all three fronts Ellie is now stronger, healthier and happier than she was before I worked with Karin. Ellie’s asthma and breathlessness have noticeably improved. And her eczema, which was so bad she could hardly walk or sleep at night, has disappeared.”

My 6 year old son and I have had 3 sessions with Karin over Skype. I have noticed a real difference in his hearing and his behaviour. And he is now more cooperative and more calm. As a mum I knew that something wasn’t quite right but didn’t know how to address it. Karin has supported me to clear beliefs in myself that were being reflected in my son and his behaviour. It is just amazing realising that he is a mirror of me and that when I change me, my son changes too. I feel blessed to have a practitioner to guide our healing. Karin is very professional and helpful and put both my son and I at ease, even though it was on Skype.”