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Leaving school at the age of 16 Karin faced a dilemma – whether to step into the business world, following in her parents’ footsteps and focussing on earning a good income, or whether to become a child care worker? At that time the two choices seemed diametrically opposed.

The business world won – and at the age of 23, with no formal qualifications but much business experience, Karin was promoted to the role of Marketing Co-ordinator for the Dairy Promotion Council.

For more than eight years Karin worked as Product, Brand and Marketing Manager and was responsible for numerous well-known, big budget promotional campaigns such as Moove, Light White, Shape, Good One, FM flavoured milk, the Nutrition Education Service, Old El Paso Mexican Food, and Peck’s Paste. Her role included developing new products, distribution programs, unique sales programs and co-ordinating market research.

During this time she also completed a Marketing Diploma achieving a distinction.

After the birth of her first child, Karin started ‘Richard Strategic Services’, a strategic planning and marketing consultancy business, with her business partner. This opportunity utilised all her skills and consolidated her marketing, promotion, brand development, market research, systems development, strategic planning, and office management experience. Karin and her partner had a list of clients that included horticultural industry associations, statutory authorities, and charities.

Karin’s life and career underwent a powerful shift when her two children were aged 6 and 3. Her eldest son had been diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers and learning disabilities, and had trialled many ADHD drugs. Her youngest son was living with a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, compounded by serious allergies to milk, soy, wheat, eggs, dust and moulds. These allergies resulted in asthma, eczema, sleep apnoea, tonsillitis, hearing problems, bowel problems and numerous other symptoms.

Combined with issues in her relationship with her husband, these challenges in her personal life eventually took a toll on her own health and wellbeing. Just before her boys turned four and seven, Karin suffered a ‘breakdown’. This breakdown, or “break-through” as she prefers to call it, galvanised her into a powerful creative space from which she was able to utilise her professional skills to gain a deeper understanding of her own situation. Within a month she had started to put into place a series of strategies that supported the health of both herself and her children.

Karin researched mind-body health and metaphysics, attended myriad courses, consulted with a variety of practitioners, and read hundreds of books with the intention of finding real and simple solutions to the ‘health issues’ her family faced. For the first time in her life she was connected with her essential self and started to really understand and celebrate who she was and how to create the right environment for her children to do the same.

Her youngest son, is no longer life threateningly allergic to peanuts or any of the foods he reacted to before. He is free of eczema and sleep problems and is studying a degree in Business and Psychology. Her eldest, is a professional skier and studying a degree in Property Economics .

The success of the creative solutions she evolved at this time became the foundation stone for her new life and her new business.  In 2002 Karin’s passion for children’s health and well-being led to the establishment of Kidz Alive, an organisation dedicated to sharing the knowledge she gleaned with parents and children who were facing similar issues to her own family. Her work included workshops and coaching for parents, developing products for sensitive children and their families, a Kidz Wellbeing Expo and the Kidz Alive Network.

In 2008 Nurture House, was launched. This multi-faceted business is the culmination of her personal experiences, the expression of her love of children and families and her professional expertise, offering education, products and support for sensitive people (especially children) and their families.

Sensitive and Thriving - Book

Karin shares the story of her family’s journey to health and happiness and includes practical solutions on how to raise a family. Rather than definitive health rules and guidelines, she provides hope and inspiration to parents and a gentle reminder that we all have everything we need to heal and find happiness and health. more info

Raising Sensitive Children - Workshop

‘Raising Sensitive Children’, a dynamic, information-packed workshop designed to guide parents to support their child to be happy and healthy. more info

Private Consultations with Karin

Karin is a certified Lifeline Technique Practitioner. Using this world-recognised technique, life coaching and other skills, Karin guides you to the health and happiness you have been seeking – and a more peaceful, healthful and stress-free life. more info

Lifeline Ignite - Workshop

Karin is a Certified "Lifeline Ignite" trainer. At this 1 day workshop people learn how to do the first 3 steps of the Lifeline Technique with themselves and their family. more info