Awaken to your True Potential

Stressed, Struggling or Sick?

Do you dream of being Healthy, Energised, Calm and Joyful?

Hi my name is Karin Amali and I totally get it.

It’s so tough to struggle with mental, emotional and physical health issues. I’ve been there myself.

When my boys were young, OUR LIFE WAS VERY CHALLENGING.

I was running a business and experienced anxiety and depression.

Both my sons had been diagnosed with various health issues – ADHD, mild Aspergers, learning issues, multiple allergies (the peanut allergy was life threatening) and more.

I went on a search. My mantra was “I just want my sons and I to be Happy and Healthy.”

I researched for years! And I found seriously effective solutions to our health issues. We are now all thriving and loving life.

I’ve been a professional practitioner for the past 10 years.

I’d love to show you how you and your family can reclaim your energy and move forward in your life, your health and your relationships TODAY!

Karin Amali Practitioner 5-Crop

What Clients say ....


"I was overwhelmed and looking at how to better help my 2 teenage sons manage their lives, one with severe anxiety and the other with severe depression. After hospitalisation and months off school we had tried so many things to get the family back on an even keel. I did not know where to next. A fortuitous booking at a Chemical Free Living workshop lead me to Karin Amali. Karin helped me, and both my sons, navigate positive paths forward and to appreciate our sensitivities.  Karin's calm and positive guidance and The Lifeline Techniques have turned our lives around. I cannot believe how much our lives have changed since working with Karin."


"My 6 year old son and I have had 3 sessions with Karin over Skype. I have noticed a real difference in his hearing and his behaviour. And he is now more cooperative and more calm. As a mum I knew that something wasn’t quite right but didn’t know how to address it. Karin has supported me to clear beliefs in myself that were being reflected in my son and his behaviour. It is just amazing realising that he is a mirror of me and that when I change me, my son changes too. I feel blessed to have a practitioner to guide our healing. Karin is very professional and helpful and put both my son and I at ease, even though it was on Skype."

“When I started seeing Karin I was not in a good place. I was stressed, uptight, anxious and overwhelmed with the kids. And I lacked self confidence and was unable to work or study. I had also been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for which I was receiving weekly support.  The Lifeline Sessions have had a huge impact on my personal and family life. I now feel much happier and more positive. My relating with my family has improved; I can now talk about the difficult things without reacting. I have started to study and work again. And the psychologist who I have been seeing for PTSD asked me, after the 2nd session, what I was doing as she noticed a dramatic change.” 

Karin's Nurturing Tips

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